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(Games) Musketeers PRO : Play As a musketeer

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A 3D platform game through 21 levels.
Play as Captain d'Artagnan and fight the corrupted Musketeers in this game filled with action and riddles.

Musketeers PRO

Musketeers PRO

On 5th September 1661, the King Of France Louis XIV ordered Captain d'Artagnan of the company of Musketeers to arrest Nicolas Fouquet in the Castle of Nantes.

Armed with your sword, you must kill all the corrupted musketeers, get into the royal tower and imprison the "Surintendant de Finances" Nicolas Fouquet.
In this game, you will progress through 21 levels trying to push your limits. Run, swim, jump to solve various riddles that will give you access to the royal tower of the last level

Use Chainfire to play the game!


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