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(tweaks) Tutorial on How to make a2sd working on creed's rom 3.5 (app 2 sd)

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a2sd or app2sd is a tweak that allows you to make your internal storage larger. This will let you use your sd card as your internal memory as instead of the usual 190mb of internal memory that is on the phone itself.

Once you installed this, you will notice that instead of the usual 60mb of memory it takes to install a rom, it will go down to 2mb or less!

a2sd working on creed's rom 3.5

You can set up your sd : learn here how

I experimented with this tweak so that you will learn how to do this if your on creed's rom!!

This is proof that I'm using creed rom 3.5

a2sd working on creed's rom 3.5

If you brick your phone, or get stuck on boot logo, follow the steps here : go to page

Steps: Make sure you have an empty sd card or back up sd contents on pc.

----- Flash stock kernel on sgy using odin! ------
Just choose stock kernel as pda and follow the steps HERE

1. Download creed's rom 3.5 Here
place it on root of sd card then flash it using stock cwm
- boot your phone to recovery (volume up+power+home key)
- select update from zip (use volume keys to navigate and home key to select).
- select the creeds zip
- select yes
- wait for it to install
- reboot
- will take a few minutes to complete (just wait).

3. download CWM here and place it on root of sd card. (Watch video tab on how to do it).

- once it has been placed on root you need to flash it
= boot to recovery (stock)
= select update from zip
= select the custom CWM (it will be like stock but has more features)
once on custom CWM you need to:
= go to advanced
= then partition sd
= select 512 mb size
= swap doesn't matter
= wait for it to complete so that you will have your sd card ready.

4. download repencis kernel + modules here
5. download here

now place the 2 files together on root ( kernel and

6. reboot to stock recovery
7. flash first
8. reboot phone.
9. then flash the kernel using stock cwm.

you will have your repencis kernel and a2sd ready on your phone!

now download terminal emulator here
-grant superSU access
- then type

SU (it will show that it is granted to app)
a2sd cachesd (phone will reboot)

to check go to task manager and see your storage if it has 3mb or less.

Your phone storage will be 500+ mb.

Follow my steps to avoid phone brick.


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