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(Tweaks) Stuck on Boot logo? Bricked your phone? Flash recovery kernels to fix your Galaxy y (with illustration)

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So... Ignored my advice and still didn't make any back up before messing up the phone. Now, you're probably looking at your phone being stuck on the galaxy y start up logo for 10 mins and sweating like hell.

That's all right. We all made it that way. And we all sweated a lot too.
Don't you dare worry, I am here for yall.

What you need to do is to flash these recovery kernels using odin and your pc. These will restore all basic system files needed to make your phone back and running again.

Just follow my instructions this time.

What you need to do is download ODIN 1.84 here

Then come's the three recovery kernels
stock kernel
terma kernel
test kernel

Just choose one of these files to download and put it on your pc.
Now if your still worried how to turn your phone off, just remove the battery.

- place the battery back in and turn on your phone to download mode (power key+home key+volume down together for 5 seconds [press and hold]).

- once your on download mode, press volume up to continue

- and youll be on this part of your phone

- now open odin 1.84 and follow these steps
a. connect your phone using then usb cable and check if it has been detected in com section
1. click on PDA and select the recovery kernel of your choice
2. click start
3. wait till it will say success

Reboot your phone and don't mess it up again.


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