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(Tweaks) This is a One Pack Tweaks Compilation for SGY

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Please delete or move init.d script before inside init.d folder before installing this mod. This is to avoid bricking your phone.

This is a tweak that will make your gps, net speed, memory and other build.prop tweaks that you can use to make your phone faster.

Please read terms and conditions before installing this tweak. If you don't know what to do, just ask.

How to install
Just download the zip here

- boot to cwm
- flash it!

Notice that you will have faster phone since this tweak will also give you zipalign, loopysmoothness, sqlite optimize, journallism off, minfree, data cleaner, sdcard tweak and even gps tweak (only available for asia users).

give credits to dev

Also has an update called sparepart app.

this app won't give you a boost in your device's performance. its an app comes from aosp rom. you can use it to set the animation effect in your device. set the speed at 'fast' and you'll get a feel that your device is running zoom zoom zoom.


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