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(Tweaks) Beats Music Player with built-in Beats Audio and MegaBassBeats

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Please read terms and conditions before installing.
You need to have basic knowledge in flashing using CWM on this. Use customer CWM like skins and madteams (downloadable on tweaks page)

This Currently works on stock rom...

More screenshots:

Works well with deodexed stock roms and pure stock rom. Don't ever flash if you have CM7/CM9.
If you flashed this if you have CM7/CM9, you will surely brick your device

How to install

- place zip file on root of sd
- boot to recovery mode (power up+volume up+home key)
- dont mount /system as this file automatically does that.
- flash directly
- enjoy the new bass and music experience!

How to uninstall
- do the steps above except step 3.


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