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(Tweaks) (kernel) Koneu@buntu kernel for SGY

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What does this kernel have?

104 MHz - 312 MHz - 624 MHz - 832 MHz frequency scaling!
Modified CPU driver to undervolt automatically.
init.d support (V6 SuperCharger, a2sd, etc.
iptables (firewall) support (without logging)
Modified conservative frequency governor optimized for battery
This might be the only way to effectively apply the underclock, other governors might work, but should use a frequency change step of at least 15%
SIO I/O scheduler

This kernel is not gonna work with bacems tweaks but is good with savie's

Just flash this using the method below:

1. Download boot.img and place it on sd card's root directory
2. Download custom CWM from tweaks tab and place it too on root directory of sd card
3. Download and place it too on root of sd

Once you have the three files ready boot to recovery (volume up+power+home key)
choose update from zip
select the custom cwm (either skins or madteams)
once on cwm select update from zip and choose, This kernel flasher will look for any boot.img on root of sd card and will flash it. Phone will display successful.

Please keep in mind that there are still bugs when  you try to mess with cpu settings.

Please give dev credits.


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