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(Games) Garfield's Diner : Run Garfield's Restaurant

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One of my favorite games on galaxy y. Enjoy!!  This is a great way to kill your time by just sitting around and enjoying this game. To all Garfield fans, here's one for you!!

Join Garfield and friends to run Garfield's Diner!

Garfield's Diner

It's summertime and Irma's off to Hawaii for a well-deserved vacation. But who will run the diner while she's gone? Irma convinces Jon to take over for the summer, but it’s Garfield who’s really in charge! Everyone’s favorite fat cat is in the kitchen and laughter's on the menu!

Same concept as those other diner games out there but this one is a lot more colorful and fun!

 Join Garfield and his friends as they do their very best (or worst) to run Irma's diner and serve savory signature meals to her regular customers -- fresh, hot and fast…daily!

Garfield's Diner

Garfield's Diner

Garfield's Diner
Garfield's Diner

[1] Cute and colorful Garfield characters in motion
[2] Upgradeable diner items and staff for a more efficient diner operations
[3] Special surprise guests might visit your diner at random times. Watch for them!
[4] Collect your favorite Garfield cards as you run your dinner. Can you collect them all?
Garfield's Diner supports the following languages:
- French
- German
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Portuguese
- Spanish
- Simplified Chinese
- Traditional Chinese
You can change the language that you want from the game's title screen.

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