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(Tweaks) What do you mean exactly by Governors and i/o schedulers?

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Well most of us are really curious about the meaning of this words and how they can affect our phone but we really are not that "expert" to explain everything in detail.

To let you have a wider perspective on this terms, I will let you read these posts that will help enlighten your "knowledge"

First thing we will be tackling is that why do we need these?

Well most of us want our galaxy y to be faster since the phone is a bit laggy if we play games that are not really meant to be played on the phone.

Since we find ways, we can program our phone to run to it's maximum capacity for us to be able to run the apps that we wanted to execute. The things we needed to consider are these:

1. CPU
2. Memory
3. graphics

There are several memory tweaks and graphic (chainfire) that can help but the issue is with CPU.

Most games require 1Ghz and since the phone does not meet that, we tweak the CPU to help enhance (Overclock) the performance or reduce (underclock) to save battery life.

So after installing a kernel that supports CPU control, we have to select which governor or i/o we need to use to have it controlled.

1. What do you mean by governors?

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2. What are the different governor parameters and how do they work?

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3. What are modules?

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4. What are i/o schedulers?

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I hope this will enlighten you.
Don't thank me on this... Give credits to the persons who wrote those.


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