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(Tweaks) (Kernel) White-Kernel-Autolized tweaks for CPU

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This kernel includes droidwall support and cpu governors that is useful if your'e really into controling your CPU on your galaxy y

This works on all versions and roms (custom and stock) and is working 100%.

Please read more and learn how to install. Please read terms and conditions first before installing.

Credits to dev

kernel for Galaxy Y (GT-5360)
Version: 0.1 mediafire
version: 0.2 mediafire
version: 0.3 mediafire
version:0.3.5 mediafire
Version 0.4
Version 0.6
Version: 0.6.0 mediafire <- (Install using cwm)
Version: 0.6.5 mediafire
Version: 0.6.5 mediafire <- (Install using cwm)
Version: 0.7.0 mediafire
Version: 0.7.0 mediafire <- (Install using cwm)
Version: 0.7.2 mediafire 
Version: 0.7.3 mediafire 
Version: 0.8.0RC mediafire
Version: 0.8.0 RC2 mediafire
Version: 0.8.0 RC3 mediafire

change LOG:
version 0.1
added adb suport
added init.d
added dnsproxyd

version 0.2
added droidwall support

version 0.3
added cpu governors ( conservative, userspace, powersave )

version 0.3.1
added cpu governor (interactive ) thanks infarburgs for governor !

version 0.3.5
added cpu governor smartassV2

Version 0.4.0
added swap suport
zramswap compression !

Version 0.6.0
applied patch
CPUSpy support app
3 cpu frequencies (312,624 and 832 mhz)
fixed error in reading CPU clock

Version 0.6.5
add i/o schedulers

Version 0.7.0
support EXT2/3/4 and JBD2
fixed compatibility with alls governors
tweaked ondemand governor and smartassV2

Version 0.7.2 RC
fixed init.d (no work )

Version 0.7.3
fixed init.d (finally)

Version 0.8.0RC
using merruk ramdisk!
added clockwork!
added root (super user)
added busybox
added other things !

Version 0.8.0 RC 2
removed superuser (90 % user using custom roms )
fixed compatibility with roms !

Version 0.8.0 RC 3
fixed busybox
fixed compatibility with all roms !

Download odin 1.8.5 from this site
Connect phone in download mode
Select PDA
Select kernel
Press start

For CWM version:
Flash using Custom CWM


Download the version that suites you best!


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