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(Apps) Better Translator Pro : Translate words from other countries to your language

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A powerful yet simple translator using Google Translate AND Bing Translator to provide the best translation experience on Android.

Better Translator Pro

Google now charge for usage of their Google Translate API so we can no longer offer that engine. However, Bing Translator engine still works but not so reliably in recent weeks.

A really nice engine translator that is diverse and really useful. I recommend this app if you really have no idea what the other person you're speaking with is saying...


Better Translator Pro

Better Translator Pro

Tip: If you are seeing empty squares instead of proper characters then please read this: LINK
• Translates between 50+ languages (not possible offline)
• Voice recognition (11 languages, on supported devices only and not accessible offline)
• Text-to-speech (30+ languages supported, see below)
• Auto-detect language
• Reverse translate (to verify translation accuracy)
• History (allows earlier translations to be accessed offline)
• Star your favorite translations (so they are quickly and easily accessible)
• Supports Move to SD card
• Supports romanization including Pinyin & Romaji (see full list below)
• Translate SMS messages with one touch
• Optionally automatically append translation to incoming SMS as it arrives


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