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(Games) Speed Forge 3D

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This is one of the promising games that seems to be stuck with no further updates as for the moment. Still giving this game a look since it is still quite interesting.

Speed Forge 3D

Hover your vehicle amidst obstacles and race your way to victory! Enjoy 3D game play and cool accelerometer racing!

Use Accelerometer to control your vehicles. I really had some disappointments on this game but overall this game still stands out from other 3D games. 

A short game for you guys!

Speed Forge 3D

Speed Forge 3D

Important game features:
* Full 3D graphics !
* Realistic physic simulation
* 6 very different tracks
* 3 vehicles (each with different physical)
* Weaponry: mines and homing rockets
* 3 Difficulty levels



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Anonymous said...

apk not present in zip file plz send me

julie duran said...

already checked link and it is okay.. apk present and it is not a zip file