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(Apps) GameBooster : Boost your phone to play games!!

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Have issues playing games on your phone? Download this app now!
Give a new life to your old phone with GameBooster now!


Are you bored because of new games lagging on your phone? You don't need a new phone for playing high-end games! Boost your games with Game Booster!

You need to root your phone (see root page on this site to learn how or watch video on video page)

Choose from 4 different Gaming Mode Levels and give your old phone a new life.
Gaming Modes
-ULTRA Gaming Mode
-Hard Gaming Mode
-Balanced Gaming Mode
-Light / Longer Gaming Mode


How can GameBooster speed up my games?
Game booster tuning CPU, Memory settings, system and Android's linux part for gaming.

This app will decrease background service priorities (lesser CPU overhead),
Increase low memory killer values,
Tuning CPU treshold, sampling rate, and maybe governor depending on selected gaming mode level.
There are too much things that will really imporive gaming.
It only needs Root. More features will be added n


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