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The New iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 is now released to the public. With it's new iOS 6, this phone is much faster, much lighter and much thinner that the previous iPhone 4s.

iphone 5
the new iPhone 5

Ever Since apple developed the iPhone series of mobile phones, it has already captivated the world with it's more advanced features and designs. It's no wonder why it's called the golden line for mobile phones.


- Much Lighter
- Thinner
- Weigh less

This phone now is much more handy than the previous "boxy" phone and has larger display that is really great! It now has 4" display that is designed to fit the same width with the phone!

iPhone 5

Also features 326 pixels per inch and has 18 percent more pixels than iPhone 4s.

Has faster display, cpu and better battery management with the new a6 chip that is much faster than the previous a5. Twice as fast!

iPhone 5

Ultra fast web browsing is another feature.

With the new iSight Camera, That captures and takes video in Full HD quality! Has new Hub connectors, has new iOS 6 software that will surely intrigue most of developers out there!

iPhone 5

More advanced siri awaits you, and even phone has more apps installed. You can now print using airprint directly from the phone or use airplay to play HD video from the phone to HDtv.

iPhone 5

Still this phone comes along with 1 yr warranty covered and guaranteed.

Selling price: from $199

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