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(Games) Asteroid 2012 3D : Prepare for an epic journey!

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Asteroid 2012 3D is now here to rock your world! Prepare yourself for a game that offers stunning graphics and sounds! With scenic display and eerie sounds, this game is worth the time! Have fun!

Asteroid 2012 3D

A simple game that lets you experience true gaming. Enchanting graphics with an alluring soundscape. A quintessential retro classic pulled up by its bootstraps into the 3d world.

Asteroid 2012 3D - Asteroids, asteroids everywhere, As space cadet Anthony Taringo you have been sent on a mission to avert the Mayan 2012 disaster. Using only your pulse cannons and whatever other items you can pick up along the way you head out into space to destroy the impending Asteroid onslaught...


Asteroid 2012 3D

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Asteroid 2012 3D

Asteroid 2012 3D

Asteroid 2012 3D


Set in full 3D use your Phone or Tablet accelerometer to tilt, twist, turn and shoot your way to a High Score!! Sent into deep space it is your mission to fly into gamma quadrant and destroy the oncoming Asteroid belt...
Never have you felt so alone in your life, stuck out by an abandoned space station you must clear the space rocks from their ultimate path and Earth's total destruction...
Well you thought you were alone, fight your way through the stars in a never ending war... Use your pulse cannon to smash the asteroids into smaller pieces and keep an eye out for useful power ups that could save your skin...



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