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(Games) ShadowRun : Cool Concept

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ShadowRun is a unique game that is really nice to play. Really cool since it is really having this new concept that is really nice. Game is a running game but the only difference is that you need to use your fingers to play (see image below).


This is not another clone of Temple Run. This is the runner with original mechanic "running fingers"! Run using your fingers simulating running legs! Avoid obstacles, jump over them, release from the traps and the main thing - do not run away from the path!
Style of black-and-white suspense, sounds and music create atmosphere of anxiety. Don't stop and don't look back!





- Original Concept of using the "running fingers"
- Nice sounds, "thrilling"
- Black style to relate to "shadow" concept
- I just love the skeleton thing.


This game really has nice concept but the only thing is that touchscreen sensitivity is really poor. You get to play only a few meters and then the you get caught. And jump doesn't work all the time. I tried playing the game using chainfire 3D on galaxy y and there were some improvements. Also scoreboard pops out when you die and it's so hard to close.

Overall, this game is average. Unless any updates will be implemented soon, I'm sure this game will be a huge hit!

Tip: Play and tap using a few millimeters apart. If you stretch out far, you will not move.



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