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(Games) Wonder Pants : Start your Superhero Career!

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Darrell's ready for business but he has to start at the bottom, he's yet to learn how to plug a volcano or turn back time so he's starting out by saving cats!

Wonder Pants

You begin Darrell's story by starting off in his hometown, saving cats from trees.

As you progress through each comic episode you’ll unlock a new piece of Darrell's story - each episode presents new and interesting opportunities for you to master new skills and abilities to help Darrell climb the ladder to superhero greatness.


Wonder Pants

Wonder Pants

Wonder Pants

Wonder Pants

Just touch the screen to control Darrell's jump and abilities – the simple controls and colourful environment make it easy to get lost in this wonderful pick up and play super hero story.

Jumping through the air, dropping in with a parachute or swinging through the game with your grappling hook...these are just a few of the superpowers you have to help you rescue the cats from the crazy positions they find themselves in!

Simple to play and loads of fun: get lost in the totally addictive puzzles and save the cats!
✓ Over 70 levels of Super-Powered Cat-Rescuing Adventures to enjoy
✓ Dynamic and Compelling Comic-Book Story
✓ Instant Accessibility for 'Pick-up and Play' Fun
✓ Intuitive One-Touch Gameplay
✓ Incredible Cartoon Graphics



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