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(Games) Tower of Clumps : Build your Towers

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Admit it, you just can't get over the blocks thing. :-P Here's one way for you to still enjoy the game on your android device.

Tower of Clumps

This will test your accuracy skills and your patience So better enjoy the game as much as you can. I still love playing these kind of games so i'm gonna share this one for you guys!

Good game for your family.


Tower of Clumps

Tower of Clumps

This is a very interesting game for you guys. A very colorful game that requires you to build the highest tower. A block will be left dangling on the screen and your goal is to stack it up and build the highest tower.

To Release the block, just tap on the screen at the right time.

Fun game for you guys!!


Hope it will be updated with obstacles, and difficulty levels increased.



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