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(Games) SpeedCar : Race your way through traffic!!

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SpeedCar is a 3D game that will surely fire you up and give you one heck of an adrenaline rush. This game is a full 3D with nice sound effects that you will surely enjoy on your samsung device. 


Game now is updated with cars that you can choose. Are you a speed demon? Download this game and test your skills.

Game has simple controls. Just tilt your phone from left to right to avoid other cars. Speed up your car by just pressing the screen to accelerate. Do your best to avoid crashing and beat your time record for longest time avoiding traffic!!




Download HERE

Free 3d racing game
SpeedCar is a 3d racing game.
Bullet physic engine support,realistic car physic effect
Equitable gameplay design.
One finger control model that you can play it very easy but fast-paced.
Tilt phone to control car direction
Tap screen to accelerate


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