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(Games) Meteor Blitz : Highest Rated Space Shooter Game!

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The highest rated space shooter ever, now available on Android.
The highest rated space shooter ever on iOS is now ported to android devices, and what's good? You can now play it on galaxy y!

Meteor Blitz

Want to have a space shooter game that really has it? Then you can go grab this one.. played this over and over on my phone and just can't seem to get enough!

With amazing controls that are "silky smooth", and graphics that are not so bad, this game may even match that of the iphone version. Really cool and super playable!


Meteor Blitz

Meteor Blitz

Enjoy Blasting your way through space!
Bugs may not even matter since there is so little to notice. Only wished the music was a lot better though. Will be waiting for updates on this app! 


Have FUN!!!


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