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(Games) Slenderman 3D on Android

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The thrilling horror game that rocked the PC world is now on android. (To download the PC version which is much more scarier, visit PC tools page). This game is really haunting and graphics are nice since its 3D

Slenderman 3D

Try Playing this game alone on pc or on android and try doing it at night and it will surely scare you. The flight reaction of knowing the you are being chased is really scary. This is one hell of a game! (try pc version, really recommended).

Slenderman 3D

Slenderman 3D


You can run but you just can't hide. This is a game that took place on a limited area. Your goal is to find the required number of notes hidden on the dark place. Use your flashlight to locate the notes and navigate around the woods. This game really has a chilling sensation on it since the background noise is really haunting.

You will be chased by the urban legend "slenderman" which is really scary.

Hint: Turn off your flashlight and go the opposite way to avoid being caught. Also when the screen gets garbled, that means the slenderman is near you.



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