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(Games) Space War HD : Shooting in Space!

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High graphics quality display awaits you! Play this on your Samsung Galaxy Y!
Space War is the space arcade game for Android!

Space War HD

Space War HD is the space arcade game for Android! Fly through the space and destroy waves of attacking aliens! Be prepared for the final battle!


Space War HD

Space War HD

Space War HD

Space War HD


* This game is simply fantastic. - BriefMobile
* Space War HD is challenging, fun and addictive – in short, everything a good mobile game should be. - everythingandroid
* This is a cool shooter game for the Android. Thumbs up! - Android App Review Source
* An action game that's entertaining and will challenge even the best gamers! - AndroidGuys
* Best Android Deals recommendation! - Best Android Deals


- 15 stages of continuous game play with 3 difficulty levels
- full screen fast alien formations and attacks!
- 2 excellent soundtracks from Apple IIGS legend FTA!
- supports Android 2.1 devices and above.
- high resolution images for tablet devices and TV!
- supports Zeemote controller


Levels can get very hard so better watch out. This is a fast paced game and it's really hard to pass higher levels.

Best Space Shooter game installed on my phone today!


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