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(Apps) Digital Rain Live Wallpaper : Cool!!

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Huge fan of Matrix? How bout putting it on your phone as a live wallpaper? This will do the job for you! I have tons of live wallpaper collection and this is one of my favorites

Digital Rain Live Wallpaper

Aside from being minimalistic in battery consumption, this does not lag or drag the screen. Smooth and really nice since you can also do customization on it! Enjoy this wallpaper guys!!

* Multiple colors, sizes, symbol sets.
* Retro 8-bit mode cuz we're old-skool .
* No scrolling when changing desktops.

Digital Rain Live Wallpaper

Download here

My Favorite part about this is the customization effects which you can see on the screenshots taken from another android phone. This is really cool since having the green color can be very boring sometimes. Now that you have this, you will surely enjoy this more!!


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