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(Games) Save Ass Shooter : Nice Shooting Game for android

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Simple and addicting physics shooting game with 64 levels! Funny characters, save your co workers in time before they die hanging literally. He he he

Save Ass Shooter

Your goal is:

To be the hero in your office by saving people’s lives.
The boss and co-workers have been hanging for a long time.

No arrows in the office, so throw pencils to cut the rope and save their ass. Simple concept but very fun results. This game is really fun fun fun!!!


Save Ass Shooter

Save Ass Shooter


How to play?
# Touch screen to shoot pencils.
# Cut the rope to save people’s lives.

# 64 well-designed levels (more to come!)
# Physics simulations to create a immersive experience.
# Wonderful tool to show the position of the last used pencil.
This helps a lot.

Nice game, hopefully there will be further development on this game..


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