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(Games) Dead Runner 3D : Excellent Game

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What will you do if you wake up in a dark forest hearing weird and haunting sounds? Well the best thing to do is run!

Dead Runner 3D

This game features cool display for galaxy y and is really smooth. One of the best running games ever. You need to get out of the forest as fast as you can. Let's see how far you can outrun those evil souls!

You need to use your accelerometer on galaxy y and tilt your way away from the trees. Once you get stuck, It will be game over. Run run run!!

Dead Runner 3D

Dead Runner 3D

Market Description:

You wake up in a dark forest, surrounded by the sounds of the wailing souls trapped in the haunted trees. The howling wind is delivering a chilling message of evil which is drawing closer by the second. The cold whispers of the forgotten souls tell you to run as far as you can, as fast as you can before it’s too late.



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