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(Games) Orniton Z : Space War 3D

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A Full 3D game for you!
One of the best games you'll ever play on your samsung phone. Enjoy the thrill!

Orniton Z

The galaxy is under attack and only your skills with the experimental ship Ornitron can save us! 

A merciless alien race has their sights set on our planet, and the only opposition left is you! Pilot your ship through the galaxy blasting an alien race to pieces all in gorgeous 3D!
Fast paced arcade style gameplay gets you into the action fast! The choice is yours: control Ornitron with an on screen control stick or use your device’s tilt control.


Full 3D Space Combat!

Multiple Control Types for all players!

Collect Power Ups for Ornitron!

Fight an alien horde: Each type more deadly than the last!

Use the awesome NOVA BOMB to decimate all enemies on screen!

Fast paced 3D space combat!


Orniton Z

Orniton Z

Orniton Z

Orniton Z

Orniton Z


Game graphics and sound are amazing on this game. You will need to use tilting motions to play the game. Collect power ups along the way and you can also enjoy multiplayer with this game!


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