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(Games) Retired Wizard Story : MOD with unlimited daily gifts

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You get to play as a wizard this time. Long ago you were once a great wizard but decided to retire from your old job. One day you decided to go to a small farm and worked as a sheep herder. 

Retired Wizard Story

One day, you tried to play spells on your cute sheeps but something went wrong and the sheeps started acting weirder and weirder. Your job is to stop the sheeps from breaking out and escaping the farm before the owner gets back!!

If you get discovered then everyone will know that you are a great wizard and the ordinary life your longing for will go to waste.
Help our magical friend stop the sheeps by using all kinds of known spells!!


Retired Wizard Story

Retired Wizard Story

Retired Wizard Story

Retired Wizard Story

[How to play]
- Using spells and items, stop enchanted sheep from escaping.
- Normal magic deals damage by touching the target.
- Continuous magic deals damage by touching and holding the target.
- Special magic deals damage to all enemies for a period of time.
- Mana potions, Power-up items, and Freeze items are permanent to use.
- A mana potion regenerates your mana by 50% of full mana.
- A power-up item increases the magic power of all spells for a period of time.
- A freeze item freezes all enemies for a period of time.

- Daily free bonus.
- 10 chapters, 100 stages
- cute game characters in each chapter.
- simple and easy control
- various upgrade systems


This is a modded version of the game were you get all the goodies for free and its unlimited!! Download now and enjoy this addicting game on your samsung device


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