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(PC tools) Hacking 101 : How to destroy a computer

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This is a script that you can do to run a prank or get revenge on your friend or enemy. I am not advising you to use this code incorrectly. This can be reverted by installing again the windows OS on the infected computer.

This will not delete any of the installed files or data files on the hard drive, but only the needed files for windows to run at start-up.

How to do this:

Check the code here

Copy the code on notepad and save it as .bat file.

Run the bat file on the computer that you want to infect.

Once the computer is restarted, all the files that is necessary for windows to run will be deleted and the computer will be unable to boot up.

What to do to revert:
install windows again.


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Anonymous said...

going to try this trick on my college computer .....thanks buddy hope this works....keep giving these type of hacking tricks.....