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(Tweaks) How to Fix MD5 mismatch when restoring nanandroid backup

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We might encounter the MD5 Error when restoring a backup that may be not our own or just a backup file that may be corrupt. But if we really are sure that it is really a working backup file then we can use these simple process to try to by pass the error check.

Fix MD5 mismatch

MD5 errors are really important. But we can surely by pass this error. There are many reasons why these happens but usually the error appears when the backup folder name has been changed. 

Usually backups are stored under sdcard root/clockworkmod/backup

If these has been changed then error pops out!

How to fix this.

You will need a rooted phone and terminal emulator (download on apps page)

Enter these commands

#mount -o remount rw /sdcard
#cd /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/(****) <-see legend below
#rm nandroid.md5
#md5sum *img > nandroid.md5

****- change it to the name of you backup folder which can be found on your /clockworkmod/backup/

ex: 2012-11-

The commands will create another nanandroid.md5 file without the error

Now go back to recovery and restore.

If this won't work then backup taken may simple not be compatible with your firmware version.


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