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(Apps) Swapper2 (For Root Users)

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Dondie here
This is for Root users only. Please read terms and conditions before installing this app. I will not be responsible if you brick your phone or anything.


To enable swap is a great advantage if your game requires a great amount of ram. This app will enable your ram to use your sd cards free space as "virtual ram" so that your phone can handle the great amount of required ram for the game.

This requires Root and a custom rom. I will include a tutorial on my next post on how to use this app with additional settings. This will either break or make your phone so be very careful in using this.


Once you've got the settings right, you will notice quicker response time. This app will possibly not work with chainfire but will increase performance on games.

Have fun.

I will be making a tutorial on how to use the app on my next post so better watch out for it.
link below for tutorial


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