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(Tweaks) onandroid v5.9 : Nanandroid back-ups without recovery mode

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This is a useful tool if you really want to have a nanandroid back-up without wasting too much time on rebooting the phone in recovery. This script is fast, probably maximum 5-7 minutes in making backup. Please read terms and conditions before installing or trying this.


This process should be done without any interruption. Since it is processing without turning the phone off, you might think that it is safe to minimize and then do other things. Well its always best to do nothing and avoid whatever consequences if your backup fails.

Give credits to dev for this wonderful tweak. You will need to have a rooted phone of course to use this. Then you must also have terminal emulator installed too (download from apps page). Then a CWM  (download from tweaks page) to restore of course, and basic knowledge on how to use your phone to navigate.

(this is a flashable zip) But there is another way. I will discuss this on this post below.

This tool backups the below partitions to /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup directory.
/boot (from version 5)
/recovery (from version 5)
/wimax (from version 5)
/appslog (from version 5)
/datadata (from version 5)
/efs (from version 5.2) (for Samsung devices)
/.cust_backup (from version 5.9) (for Huawei devices)
sd-ext (from version 3)


2 Ways to install
1. Flashing through CWM (place the zip to the root of sd card)
- boot to recovery (volume up+power+home)
- select update from zip
- choose the cwm zip
- then using the cwm choose the onandroid zip and flash

2. Without rebooting phone (use root explorer)
- download the file
- Extract the onandroid script inside the zip file... its inside /system/bin folder
- Copy the extracted script to /system/bin


How to use:
1. If flashed using cwm
- Open terminal emulator
-Type "su" to obtain root
- Type "onandroid"
- Wait and watch

2. if extracted
- Open up terminal
- Navigate to onandroid by typinng (without the quotes) "cd /system/bin"
- Now type in terminal "su"
- And finally type "chmod 755 onandroid"

You can also download the app on the market : CLICK HERE


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