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(ROM) CREEDsix ROM v1.8

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This is a rom which has lots of similarities to older versions of creeds since according to dev, it was based on it. If you like this rom, please give credits to dev and to the dev of creeds. Please read terms and conditions before installing this one.

CREEDsix ROM v1.8

Rom has a lot of ICS feel on it, with faster start-up time which is approximately 10-13 seconds. Has lots of paid apps installed by default and is really very smooth and stable. This one has been tested and working without any "major" issues whatsoever. A nice and neat rom for your galaxy y.

What it does on your samsung device

Basic Features:

•Adb/Hard Root
•Soft Root- Superuser v.3.07
•Pre Deodexed
•Maps With WorldWide Navigation
•Bloatware Apps Removed
•BusyBox Support v.1.19.3
•Supports init.d tweaks
•Includes 30+ init.d tweaks
•V6 Supercharged at 512HP Balanced settings
•Kickass Kernelizer tweaks
•3G Booster Fastest setting
•Detailing: SQlite Vacuum & Reindex ready!
•Engine Flush ready!
•Includes 4 Wallpapers


CREEDsix ROM v1.8

CREEDsix ROM v1.8

CREEDsix ROM v1.8

CREEDsix ROM v1.8


First thing to remember is that you will need to have firmware version: DXKL2. If you don't have it, go to tweaks page and find the tutorial on how to change firmware version. If you are hard headed, you will surely make this process unsuccessful.

Learn how to change firmware :

1. computer
2. winrar or winzip (search on google or yahoo)
3. usb cable or card reader
4. your galaxy y phone (Duhhhh)
5. CWM (see tweaks page to download) and place it on root of sd card

1. extract the downloaded zip to your computer
2. copy the extracted folder to your phone /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/*HERE*
3. Once it is on the backup folder, copy all files to sd card root, overwrite everything
*if you have previous backup stored on backup folder, move or copy that to another folder*
4. Now reboot your phone to recovery (Power+volume up+home)
5. no select update from zip and choose your cwm zip
6. once cwm is up, choose backup and restore, select restore and select creedsix

Reboot your phone and enjoy

Some issues:

- Signal Bar status at firstboot
- Swipe to clear Notification force closes


Additional Features:

(Includes Message App)
-No Auto Sms To Mms Conversion
-No Receipient Limit
-Built In 5 Theme
(Touchwiz App Samsung Home)
-Transparency Level Increased
-Alphabetical Auto Arrange
-Landscape Orientation Intoduced
-ICS Icons
-ICS Tones (Notification, Alarm, Ringtone & System UI)
-Boot Animation Enabled
-Custom Boot Animation Added
-Custom Power On Sound
-Reduces Startup Time ~Less Than 13 seconds
(14 Status Bar Toggles) CHANGEABLE
•All 5 From Samsung(Wifi,B/T,Soung,GPS,Orientation)
•Shut Down Options
•Reboot,Recovery & Download modes
•Airplane Mode
•Auto Synchronise
•Screen Timeout
(Fixes and Removed)
•(fix) Boot Delay on v2.0
•(fix) Alarm Clock bug on v2.1
•(fix) Keyboard Missing on v2.5
•(removed) ICS Locscreen on v2.5
•(removed) Email app on v.2.0
(Additional Apps)
•Chainfire 3D
•DSP Manager
•Memory Booster PRO
•SD Booster
•Quickoffice PRO
•Script Manager
•Smart Keyboard
•Super Backup:SMS & Contacts
•TTPod English Version
•Youtube Downloader
•Titanium Backup Pro


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