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(Apps) GhostCam Spirit Photography PRO

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                Hope I'm not too late. This is the best app for halloween that you can get!!!! Grab one now while halloween's still up! This is a camera picture app that will scare the Sh*t out of your friends and family members!

GhostCam Spirit Photography PRO

What will you do if you take a picture and found out that there's someone with you that you can't explain on the picture? Better find out why by just downloading this app! A fun app brought to you free!

This will let you take a picture and edit it, so that you can insert a ghost image inside your pic! Not bad but a very good concept. I assure you that if you take your friends pic with these and edit it, once you show it I'm sure your friend will get goosebumps.


GhostCam Spirit Photography PRO

GhostCam Spirit Photography PRO

GhostCam Spirit Photography PRO

- Lots of ghost pictures available
- Automatic mode, make a ghost photograph by single click.
- Manual mode, design your own ghost photograph by yourself. Choose ghost, scale up/down the ghost, make it translucent, rotate/flip and drag it to anywhere in the picture that you see fit.
- Editing mode, modify pictures you already have on mobile gallery and add ghost image into it.
- Ghost editable. Erase some part with eraser tool and drag the ghost behind object.
- Custom ghost library. Create your own ghost library to make it unique. (instruction available in 'USAGE' and facebook fanpage)
- Live ghost effect preview.
- Built-in saved pictures gallery
- Built-in file explorer
- Hide ghost picture and setting button to mock your friend
- Enable sound effect to play a scream sound when took the photo and the ghost photo has been shown.
- Mock your friend with ordinary camera UI
- Full setting camera mode supports, autofocus, metering, ISO, white balance, size, flash, and more (depend on your camera hardware)
- Saving location selectable (Phone's gallery or App's gallery)
- Share your photograph via facebook/gmail/etc.
- App2SD (movable to sdcard)
- Usage is available in app.

I've been using this for the past couple of days to fool my friends and family members that ghosts really exist. At first they thought it was real, but once I explained this to them.. they just gave it a laugh. What a day!


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