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(Apps) iPhone5 Locker apk : Change your lockscreen like iPhone5

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           This will change your lock screen UI to the one similar on iPhone5, the most recent release by Apple for the iPhone cellphone series. This is really smooth and works great for galaxy y.

iPhone5 Locker apk

If you want to integrate a few iPhone UI on your phone, it's not bad to start with this! This really is working great that it really looks like iPhone Indeed. If you just love things about Apple then don't forget to grab this app. Android lovers, stay back.. LOL. hehe

Just as promised, this one looks and works as smooth as silk. One of the best iPhone Like lockscreens, you can now grab one for free here on iPlayGalaxyY


★IOS Clock
★One-key locker
★IOS date with month,day,and day of month.
★"Slide to unlock" animation
★IOS slider graphics
★Unlock vibrate.
★Custom unlock sound
★Custom unlock wallpaper

Have fun with this app

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