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(ROM) Simply Young v1.8 (Arcturus Project)

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         This ROM was released early July and most of us seem to almost forget about it. One of the first roms that uses greper customization, this is really a must have if you want it sleek and simple with a bit of a twist. Dev's intention was to make this rom for himself but is willing to share it to everyone.

Simply Young v1.8 (Arcturus Project)

With v1.7 released early this year, this update to 1.8 is really a big improvement. With a bit of brown/ maroon colors, this is probably the most underestimated rom ever. Now equipped with a more effective kernel for power saving or gaming.

Credit to dev is a must

Base DXLE1
Ian Kernel Arcturus Project
5 I/O, 4 CPU freq, and 23 Governor
Busybox include
Statusbar Greper 1.8
8 Lockscreen
Disable CPU rendering, and make the GPU to rendering.
Bravia Engine
And some feature from the vol 1.7

Please read terms and conditions before downloading

for newbies
- place the zip on the root of your sd card
- reboot to recovery (volume up+ power+home keys together)
- use cwm (download from tweaks page)
- Perform data and cache wipe
- flash the download rom zip
- reboot may take a while so hold on to your horses

for advanced who wants to have a2sd for larger internal memory
- partition your sd card into two parts, (2nd partition may be of ext2 or ext3 format) (size may depend on you)
- 2nd partition must be newly formatted
- do the steps above
- once rebooted
- download terminal emulator (Apps page on this site)
- type in

a2sd cachesd


Optional downloadables:
Greper icons


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