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(Games) Room Break : Escape Now!!

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                  Room Break is a strategy game that requires your strong analytical skills to pass the level. The main idea is that you will be locked up on a certain area, and obviously you need to find your way out!

An intense adventure puzzle game that allows you to explore the insides of the area where you are trapped. Just feel free to investigate since there are some hidden tricks that might help you in the ordeal.

Room Break is an adventure game about escaping.
The purpose of this game is simple. 
Users will be detained to certain places and situations and they need to open the door of each room and escape.



Obviously, users need to figure out how to open the doors.
Maybe, there are some unexpected tricks hidden..
But, it is not difficult at all.
If you pay attention a little bit more, you will be able to find out all the hints that lead users to a successful break-out.
All of you have different reasons, but one purpose.

Escape now!!

[Episode Information]
Basically, there are 6 different episodes, each of which has its own unique scenario.
Scenarios are designed to maximize the break-out situations and thus, make users focus on the game.
And, if you escape at the end, there might be an ending you don’t expect waiting for you.

Tips :  Certain levels have limited time so you have to play as fast as you can..


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