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(Games) Cheat hack for Pokemon Ruby (Gameboid)

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                Here is a compilation of the cheat codes that you can use to play Pokemon Ruby. This will help you on your quest to become the greatest pokemon master!

Cheat hack for Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Ruby is only released for the gameboy advance console. But you can emulate this on your android phone as well. Once you download the cheat, you will have all access unlocked!

You will need to have Gameboid installed on your galaxy y. Gameboid is an app that emulates Gameboy advance so that you can use your android phone like one. Download it here : LINK

You will need to installed the game too.
Download the game ROM : LINK

You will need to put the rom file to where you have placed the files for gameboid. Using gameboid, load up the rom and apply the cheats.

The download cheat file is a text file with all the useful codes and cheats that will unlock all features, including all pokemons and upgrades. Have fun.


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