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(Games) Air Attack apk : Nice physics strategy game

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        This is one of the best air apps for galaxy y. It looks quite simple and boring to look at but once you've get to start playing it, you will surely admire its simplicity and quality. This is the version that has no ads on it, it's not free but here, you can grab it!

Air Attack apk

A great time killer with punchy graphics. This will let you occupy your free hours and keep you very busy. Set in a scenario where you get to play it easy first, then tough and challenging last. Most recommended for strategy and action lovers like me.

 If you love this game so much, then buy it on the market. Hopefully there will be more updates for this game like a "save feature". It gets really tough guys so better ready your brains.

★ 3 different game modes
★ Infinite islands to play on
★ Destructible terrain
★ 9 different enemy aircraft and soldiers
★ Power ups
★ Nuclear bombs

Graphics won't matter if you want a great time. Concept is a high factor which this game has. Really nice and addicting.


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