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(Games) Zombie Mayhem Armv6

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               I really don't know what came up on the mind of the developer on this app since it really is a good one. One of the most unique zombie games out for android today. This game let's you play the bad guy this time.

Zombie Mayhem Armv6

The app focuses on the wild wild west frontier. You get to play as a pesky group of zombie out to make havoc on the village. This one is really a nice concept since not all zombie games out there allows you to play the bad part.

You will need to play this game with chainfire pro
- tick reduce texture quality
- Use qualcomm

What do you need to do:

- Transform all these livings into flesh-eating zombies!
- Make you own path with blowing Skulls to free your zombie hordes on these helpless victims!
- Take down the sheriffs, priests and other blacksmiths!


Funny game with lots of tricks and strategies that you can apply. Turn all living things into zombies!!
Game may take a while to load so please be patient.

Have fun!


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