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(Games) Dragon Ball Z - The Legend Saiyan

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            Nothing works better than Old School. One of the most popular animes back in the 80's is the one called Dragon Ball. After the series ended with a huge success, creators Toei Animation decided to make a follow up on the sequel, and thus Dragon Ball Z was developed.

Dragon Ball Z - The Legend Saiyan

Story Goes that there are 7 dragonballs that exist that when put together, can grant anyone's wishes. This was the main concept of the anime that led to different episodes that lasted till today. In this android game, you get to battle out as as a Saiyan.

One of the most popular pixel games back in the nintendo era. You can now have it on your Galaxy Y.


Once you download, just install it normally.

There are no lags since its made from pixel.
It's still good to be old school guys.. Nothing wrong with it!
I personally admit that I sometimes skip class to watch the anime since I adored Bulma so much.. LOL. He He.. Have fun Guys!


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