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(PC tools) How to remove "This copy of Windoes is not Genuine" watermark fix

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            This is a well tested fix for us to use if we have this error. This will appear if you have not purchased a serial key from microsoft itself. The best thing to really do is to purchase a genuine serial key from a legitimate microsoft dealer to remove the error, may it be windows 7 or previous versions.

 How to remove "This copy of Windoes is not Genuine" watermark fix

This fix will generally remove the microsoft activation required error. But it is strongly recommended that you purchase a genuine key but if it really is too hard to get, then do it on your own risk.

Please disable any antivirus software before running this. This will simply be detected as a trojan, but there's no need to worry as long as the MD5 matches, file is simply safe. It's been modded to inject some files onto the windows system to remove the annoying message.

You need to follow instructions for this.
DOWNLOAD instructions:

You can try each instructions vice versa, it doesn't matter.

Important: After all instructions are followed, please install license windows to activate the windows account 

Tools needed

Have fun! Proven and tested guys so no need to worry!!


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