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(Games) Cow Snatchers Full 3D

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            Aliens have come to earth to steal cows from the crazy farmer! Help out our little farmer friend to save his cows and stop those pesky aliens from taking out his precious cows. A galaxy y 3D game which you can now play on the android device.

Cow Snatchers Full 3D

Its your duty to play as the crazy farmer and stop them aliens from taking your livestock. Shoot, shout, yell, as crazy as you are to stop them by all means. Of course you just need to aim and shoot.. forget the yelling and shouting part.

This game is in simple 3D which is great. Controls can be a bit frustrating but overall you can still play the game and have fun. It will be wise to use chainfire3d pro and use qualcomm and reduce texture quality to avoid lags.

How to play:
1. Shoot the guns to disable them.
2. Shoot the Power Core of the cow cages to release the cows.
3. Shoot the bridge wheels to open a bridge.
4. Shoot Aliens to get more points and to stop them.
5. Take all the cows to the spaceship for finishing the first level.

Interesting game play indeed. But reviews have it and based on testing this game, controls can be good to worst and may vary in levels. Still playable, as long as you can endure the nightmare controls.

Ironically, this game has lots of potential like finger run, but both games have control issues. Hopefully dev can have this fixed. I've already sent an email about this.



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