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(Games) Arenas Trial of Valor : MMO/RPG for android mobile!

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This is an android MMO RPG apk that is top of the class and will surely let you enjoy your galaxy y more than ever. A very challenging and must have game.

Arenas Trial of Valor

Set around a mysterious red citadel, progress takes you on different levels and scenarios which is really fantastic. Difficulty is high and most of the time, strategy is important.

You won't get this free on the market so better grab your copy now. Arenas is an ONLINE tactical fast MMO / RPG turn-based game SET in an unique and original heroic fantasy world.
Get ready to challenge thousands of players and hundreds of monsters through the multiple game' s ARENAS, develop your skills and loot rare equipment in a fun and exciting experience !

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- a player versus player (pvp) and player versus environment (pve) complex fun combat and magic system.
- 5 types of ARENAS: Single vs Monsters, One vs One, Group vs Group, Free for All, Group vs Monsters,
- beautiful graphics and smooth 2d animations
- ten fantasy playable races, ten towns with their different types of Arenas 's battlegrounds. (80 unique maps to fight in)
- thousands of unique objects, new ones created on a regular basis!
- More than 200 spells, including monster summons.
- More than 250 creatures.
- Many materials for your weapons and armors, skins,
- upgradable jewelry items, runes, potions such as poisons that will allow you to build your ultimate character. Tons of equipment combos
- Skins system to personalize your avatar
- Integrated online rankings.



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