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(Games) Bomb the Zombies Armv6

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This is a uniquely done game since it works like "angry birds" but does not really look the same way. This has been dubbed "One of the TOP TEN games in the appstore.

Bomb the Zombies Armv6

The fun part on this zombie game is that you get to bombed those stupid zombies which I think is the most exciting thing to do! No matter what, Bomb the Zombies is one great game for all ages.

This works on FPS or First person Shooter view. You get to play different levels to. What you need to do is to flick the grenades to the zombies to blow them up. You need to eliminate all zombies to pass the levels. As the levels progress, difficulty will be more difficult and you need to implement strategy and careful planning. 

pass: Salamat (case sensitive)

- Easy to learn, addictive game play.
- Tap & Toss, toss the bomb to exactly where you want it to hit just by sliding your finger over the screen
- 90 levels in 6 stages full of challenging obstacles and tricky gameplay. More to come soon!
- Life-like physics, use strategy to destroy Zombies’ buildings
- Varieties of tools of destruction
- A Global High Score System – online all over the world

Have fun!

Play the game with chainfire pro if it gives you any issues
- tick reduce texture quality
- qualcomm


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