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(Apps) iSettings : iPhone Settings Look for Android

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                       Want to have iOS UI integrated on your android phone? It can be done but only by installing apps  that make it look and feel like one. This is called iSettings that let you change the look of your settings menu to the one that is similar to the iPhone OS.


You can use this settings app to change the look and incorporate this with an iOS like launcher called iLauncher. 

You can download the settings apk here: LINK
For the iLauncher : go here

Start your Android to iPhone transformation! One by one you can simply install apps that will change your phone to the one similar to iOS.

Just make sure that you really wanted this. 


- Immediately turning on/off Cellular Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
- A link to location service (GPS) settings
- Adjusting Media Volume, Ringtone Volume
- Turning on/off Auto-Brightness feature
- Adjusting Brightness
- Turning on/off Airplane Mode
- Links to application settings, wallpaper settings, system settings

Have fun guys! Install ilauncher first and then this one!



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