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(Games) Wheelz - 2d physics platformer

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        What would you do if you can drive a devil monster truck around using only your galaxy y! A must have galaxy y game for all monster truck lovers who want to have the ride of their life! This is a physics game, which means that it needs lots of strategy and brains to think of how you can surpass the obstacles ahead.

Wheelz - 2d physics platformer

Drive around you monster truck and speed your way through obstacles and hurdles that lies ahead. Physics are superb and realistic. Guaranteed fun for many hours ahead!

There are lots of games similar like this. All are interesting and you can't almost find some difference amongst them. That means we still have a chance to find almost what we wanted!

Simply plan your next step ahead of time. Some levels may require lots of speed. Some requires lots of brainstorming. Have fun!


-online high score.
-4 Wheel drive.
-Customizable wheel size.
-customizable suspension.
-customize controls.
-complex interactive levels.
-you can load your own levels!
-Ice, Grass, Dirt, Bricks and more.
-Simple graphics mode for very old/slow phones.
-several control options (joystick, touch, keyboard, accelerometer).
-realistic variable engine sound.

Graphics can become glitchy sometimes. But overall, once you have fun, it really doesn't matter at all.




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