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(Tweaks) Randomize Bootanimation on your SGY

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                  This is a simple script made to randomize at least 3 bootanimations for your galaxy y. That means that you can use 3 bootanimations saved on your phone and every time your phone boots up, it will choose one animation randomly every start-up.

Randomize Bootanimation on your SGY

If you want a customized startup screen, you can use this script. If you're tired of the same custom bootanimation, why not randomized it? Please read terms and conditions before using.

Please give credits to dev. One thing I loved about this is that you can choose what bootanimations you want to place on the start-up screen. Once you're done setting it up, you just need to reboot and the script will do the rest. This is working on galaxy y and has potential to be included on future developments.

How will this work:

You just put any valid boot animation in /data/local/bootanimations/ - calling it what you wish - and the script will do the rest. You should not try and call all of your boot animations "" - you need to give them a unique name.

It ignores any on the default folder system/media.

- download file
- place it on root of sd card
- flash using CWM recovery
- customize by following "how it works" above.


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