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(Tweaks) Tutorial on How to make a live wallpaper much smoother

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This is a tutorial on how to tweak you device to let your takebe much smoother. Since live wallpapers is actually an app, it takes up ram and processor effort to run it on to your device screen. If you phone is a low end device like galaxy y, you can simply apply this to make it much smoother.

How to make a live wallpaper much smoother

Simply read terms and conditions so that you may understand the risk that you need to undergo to have this tweak installed. Always make a backup and please don't ask stupid questions like "whats my live wallpaper process name?". Just search on google.

you'll need:
- root privileges
- terminal emulator (download from this site, just search)
- live wallpapers (depends on what you got)
- GScript

what you have to do is:

- download GScript from market (lite or paid version, works with both)
- launch it, then press Menu/Add script
- give it a name, be sure to check 'Needs SU', then type this in the text field below

renice -15 `pgrep android.process.acore'

where android.process.acore is the LauncherPro process name. If you're using another launcher you have to do a google search and find its
process name
- now save, and try executing it and see if it works
- add a shortcut to GScript on your home which launches the script. With this approach you have to launch it after every reboot

Maybe you want to try to renice the live wallpaper too (this may slow it down, I would not suggest to do it). To do this

- launch the terminal
- write 'ps' then press enter
- will appear a list of processes. here you should find one that has a name similar to the LWP you're using (for example, I'm using Pixel Zombies Infection and the process name is haydenTheAndroid.liveWallpaper.pixelZombies)

now you can renice it either from terminal or from GScript.
To renice from terminal:

- check the number *** which the process has in the PID row. You have to remember this number
- write 'su' then press enter. now you have root privileges
- write 'renice N ***' where N is the nice number you want (20=minimum priority ; -20=maximum priority, which you obviously don't want). You can set it to 20 to give the LWP the minimum priority

To renice from GScript go in the script you already created and add a similar line, by substituting "-15" with "20" and the process name with your LWP's process name.

You should now see an increased smoothness when scrolling homescreens and app drawer


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