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(Games) Puppet War:FPS ep.1 Cheat : Unlock All

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          This is a cheat hack for one of the coolest FPS apps on the android market. The game is called Puppet War and this cheat hack is for the episode 1.

Puppet War:FPS ep.1 Cheat

You will need to have an app called titanium backup pro for this. This will automatically unlock all features! You can test this if you want and please be guided accordingly.

First thing you need to do is to root your phone. Don't ask me how since there is a big option above the site that links you on how to do it.

Download the game here : LINK
Download Titanium backup pro : LINK

Once you've instaled titamium backup pro, download the file below


Once you downloaded the compressed file. Uncompressed it and you will get two files


- Place the two files under sdcard/titaniumbackup
- open titanium backup pro and find the game
- do a restore data and choose data only

You're done!

What will this do:
- unlock all!!! literally.. like all levels, weapons, unlimited money.. etc..

Have fun!

If you don't want to cheat, simply don't download this and don't leave any comments stating that I am not suppost to post cheats since you are not my mother.. Lol...


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