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(Tweaks) FREE Internet Hack for TM Users (Touch Mobile) (Philippines)

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This is a simple hack for tm subscribers in the Philippines. You will be able to use your phone and connect to the internet for a limited period (I will explain later) with super fast connection.

FREE Internet Hack for TM Users

This is a tested process for galaxy y phones. I don't know about other android phones if you will be able to do this. Just try this out anyways.

This will actually require you to be registered on a promo (astigtxt10, sulitxt5 etc.). Just register your phone to the cheapest promo you could think of and make sure you have a remaining balance of 4 pesos on your mobile phone.
1. First thing you need to make is an Access point. Just go to settings and configure it under internet mobile option.

FREE Internet Hack for TM Users

2. Make any name out of it.

FREE Internet Hack for TM Users

To configure the apn, proxy and port : DOWNLOAD THIS

Now you're all set to use the internet even if your load balance does not allow you to do so. Just remember, you will only be able to use the internet for a limited time as long as your subscription to the promo is still active and that you must have a 4 peso load on your phone.

Have fun!

I am also a TM user too.. HEHE


5 (mga) puna:

MrKen said...

can i do this in another country???

julie duran said...

its only for the philippines since TM is only available here as for the moment

Anonymous said...

panu yan?working p dn b yan?thanks

julie duran said...

working pa

Paolo Bernardo said...

Is this still working? :)