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(PC tools) Eset Antivirus 6 or Smart Security 6 hack

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              This has been proven working by me. I tested this on my laptop and this was developed by a hacker friend of mine a while ago when the latest eset security softwares where released. This is the best way to remove the expiration dates so that you will not keep up finding usernames and passwords to update the software.

Eset Antivirus 6 or Smart Security 6 hack

This is for your computer guys.. not for your phone. If you want to have this then feel free to download. There is no bugs on this and I tested this myself. Safe and hack free, this will remove registry keys so that you can have the full version on your pc instead of having the trial that needs to be updated every now and then.

You will need to keep this file somewhere on your hardisk.
PC won't lag or anything and this can be used on the latest ESET antivirus 6 or Smart Security 6 that you can download here (Philippines) : LINK
(just change your country on the site).

DOWNLOAD THE Registry Hack : ($0.99) as requested by friend

(decompress it anywhere on your computer)

What to do:
1. Turn off your computer
2. run in safemode
3. Find the downloaded file and run it.
4. just click on enable and restart your computer normally


How to remove
1. Turn off your pc
2. run in safemode
3. run the fix file
4. select disable and restart your computer.

Once your done with this, you will still see the activate product link on the antivirus or security software but you won't be able to see the expiration date anymore. It's automatic update everytime!!!! NO NEED FOR USERNAME OR PASSWORDS anymore!!

Have fun with this!


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